Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Does God Allow Suffering

Why does God allow suffering?
This is a question asked around the world. Why would God allow people to suffer at the hands of enemies. From the beginning of time there has been countless sufferings and killings to mankind. Wars, tortures and senseless atrocities that have become staple to an evil way of life. This evil has caused many to fall from the belief that God exists or that he must be an unjust God. Why would he simply allow it? How can I follow God when these things happen around the world? These are questions that many ask to each other and to God himself. An explanation is at hand.

First, if God stopped every evil that is in the world then we would no longer have the right to choose. We would not be human as we know it. God understands evil because he created the very being that cursed this world with it. Would we all prefer to be robots controlled by a master puppet? Or do we enjoy the free will given us to make choices for ourselves? Do we make good choices and then God steps in and pulls out the bad ones? Yeah that's it. Just have God take away every bad thought, choice and circumstance from our life and go around with half a will. Right? That's not free will to me. It's our choices that make who we are. I must say I do enjoy being fully me with the character that I have created from God's template. (Although I could have made better choices along the way.) God will vindicate those that have been subject to choices made by evil. Sometimes even now. But a time will come when all stand before his throne to give account. This you can be assured. We must wait and be patient.

God did not allow suffering from a distance. He placed himself right in the midst of it here on earth. We not only believe in God, but we also believe he is the creator of all things and can do anything. He can certainly become any form he chooses. He chose to come into our dark world from his safety in heaven and become a man (Jesus). He suffered greatly at the hands of evil just like the rest of the world. We can certainly love and respect anyone who would stand up for us like that. The only difference of his suffering from the rest of us is that his was atoning for our sins.

In the bible God said we must suffer for a little while on earth. Originally the earth was made for us to enjoy and prosper. But man and all his foolishness ripped apart the very design God had intended. Evil took over. We must wait until we have reached the afterlife in eternity to discover what God had originally intended for us. If we can just look past what we alone have managed to mess up from God's creation, we can reach for him through Jesus Christ (which is how God says we must) and be taken away from evil forever.

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by Paul Montgomery