Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Time Of Innocence

It seems as though through the years we have become a bit more cynical than optimistic on people and circumstance. There was a time when trust and endearment were a bit more easier to come by. We all have been used and abused by people lacking empathy and justice. This is precisely where my faith and trust in Christ come in very handy. More so, a way of life. We should know and understand that God is in control of all things and that we are to have peace and refuge in the things we don't necessarily understand. People and circumstance outside of God's heavenly realm are going to achieve things their own way. Keeping on guard and being shrewd in adversity is always a good thing to perform regularly. However, sometimes we don't always know the intent of a person's action and therefore can unjustly judge the circumstance or true intent. I believe to remain loving and showing kindness will always trump the bitter thoughts of the unknown. When we were young, life seemed to have inflicted it's uncanny ability to blind us with a more false sense of sweetness and charm. Although there was plenty of real goodness in the world, we had a certain innocence to some unearthed behavior. This is great for a child. God's way of covering what needs to be learned and experienced. If we can just harness the innocence of that of a child and couple it with kindness, love and the understanding of indifference, that not all have given their lives over to saving grace, we can then begin to learn how to live at peace in an unjust world.