Sunday, September 9, 2012

Remembering 9/11

In honor of those that lost their lives and those fighting for our freedom, I needed to write down my peace and remembrance of this horrific event that still clings to the fabric of our spirit and our country's history. Every year since this senseless and evil act of violence, we see programs on TV showing everything about this tragic event. Now we can see much more of what lead up to it. It's really hard to understand that with all the intelligence that was received beforehand, that such an atrocity could be pulled off. Evil will though have it's way and it's day. It is especially hard to see people jumping from the buildings. We just can't imagine what it must have been like that the only alternative was to jump. I cry every time I see this. I know that we stand strong and are a resilient country that is proud of who we are. But we will never forget. We obviously spent too much time and money retaliating. The terrorists I'm sure love the fact that we went head first into a financial crisis that we are still trying to recover from. But we'll get back. Our message could have been said and spent in less than a year. Just my opinion. The real issue above all of this is something that has always been and won't end until Jesus returns with his mighty army. And that is hatred. This eternal choice ( which some don't even understand the meaning ), is so finite. If we could just go one day on this earth with no violence we would probably overwhelm God to send the kingdom now. If we know forgiveness we understand that we don't carry this along and relieve ourselves of internal hatred. We can forgive and let God have it all. He'll be best to sort it all out in the coming days. But as another year comes to pass, I want to remember the families, the hero's, the victims and the event that shook this great nation and will forever be in our hearts. God bless the USA!