Monday, January 27, 2014

How To Get Higher Rankings In ReverbNation

How to get higher rankings in ReverbnationMany musicians are asking "how to get a higher ranking in their reverbnation profile". Rankings are based certain criteria:

1. Interaction. Reverbnation loves it when you listen to other artists and interact with them. Fan the artists and send them a message. If you really dig their sound and feel you could benefit from their fans, let them know you intend to add them to your recommendations. This in turn could let their fans hear you. You want to spend some time (no more than 30 minutes) each day or a few times a week listening to other bands and artists and leaving comments and messaging them. They will fan you back and some will actually listen to your music. And be true to your genre.

2. Social Media. We all know how important this is to promote your music, and reverbnation loves this. Copy your song's URL and paste it into all your social media to direct traffic to your reverbnation site. Even post questions like: "Are you a good music reviewer?" followed by your link. Go to some of your favorite music artists and follow their fans. Some will come to see who you are and follow you. Make you tube videos of yourself promoting your brand. (even if you don't have an expensive music video) people love to see an artist "keeping it real" on a personal video. Don't flood the social media market with song posts constantly. Interact with them and throw the bone out every so often. Invite people to have a listen. asking for support (to listen to your music) is not a bad thing. In today's music market you almost have to. Revernation collects data from all your social media as part of their algorithm system.

3. Crowd Reviews: If your music is good enough (and they will certainly let you know) and get a 7.8 or higher, you will get featured and get more fans. This is not to be heavily relied upon as it really takes a great song to achieve this. But not to be discouraged, most don't get the high score. So interaction is a strong way to go. But give it a shot and see. It will only help your songwriting skills.

4. Widgets: Place the (free) widgets from reverbanation on your blog (as I have here) and on your website (if you have one). If you don't know how to place the HTML code into the perspective spots, then have someone do it or google how to do it. It's quite easy. Make sure you check autoplay before you copy the code. Setting up the widget will prompt you for things, but you have to look for it. If you think it might be annoying to visitors to hear your music upon arrival, then you must not have much confidence in you music. Go ahead and do it. Because now your getting a song play to reverbnation just by a visit to your site. If you post to a blog, make sure the same widget is there on the side bar. If you have enough interesting content, the song will play on and count towards your rankings. The song must play at least half way through to count. so make sure you post good stuff. By now if your reading this my music has been been played enough as well.

Higher rankings won't necessarily get the attention of those in the music industry, but their are some that scan these music sites for talent. There are some in the industry looking to see who's at the top of each genre. Reverbnation is the leading music/artist platform in the world. I think back to a time before social media and these type of platforms and how hard it was to reach people with your music. Spend some quality time with your interactions and watch your rankings grow. It's not necessary to spend money for advertisement, but an ad promoting your song or page or purchasing a crowd review can help. Most artists don't have money to spend on advertising their brand. Find the happy medium. Best to spend your money on a quality song in the studio or hire musicians. Keep writing lots of songs and hone that skill. I've written hundreds songs and would be humbled to have one great tune! Check one out here: Song "Road To Mesa"

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