Saturday, March 24, 2012


by Paul Montgomery

What about Lord, Lord. I call out to you? How about all the good things I have done?
Didn't I ask for forgiveness many times? I've never hurt or killed anyone. Didn't I tell other people about you. Did I not pray over some to even cast out the enemy?.........DO NOT be prepared for these questions when standing before Jesus.
He could still say "I never knew you". Wow! What a reality. To do these things and still not have a relationship with the Lord will be terrifying. Pray that whatever it takes, he would know us on that day and say "welcome my faithful servant." Let's obey him and not keep doing the things over and over that would hurt that relationship. Yes, we ask forgiveness for something. Let's not take advantage of it and keep pounding ourselves with constant sin. Repent and try hard to walk away and always ask for the strength in our weakness. Remember, we want a relationship with him, not a religious experience. I need Jesus to know me on that day. Whatever it takes, show us that way Lord! Tell us in your voice or through others. We are trusting you to never leave us. He also trusts us that we will seek after him with all our heart, mind and strength. Bring into our life compassion, mercy and grace towards all. Doesn't matter if we agree with a certain lifestyle. We must have tolerance, acceptance and love for all God's people. If we seek the kingdom, seek to really know him (through his word as well) and pray that he reveals to us what it takes for that to happen, then I believe that on that very day of standing before the Lord of the universe he will say "COME WITH ME!"