Monday, March 19, 2012

The Effective Witness

How To Be an Effective Witness
by Paul Montgomery

Have you ever wondered how to tell someone that what you believe of the kingdom of God is true? You are not alone. Most believers are a bit timid when it comes to their witness. Rejection can almost always shut the door in an effective witness account. Most people will say they believe in God and Jesus, and being a good person should suffice to get to heaven. So how then do we tell our loved ones, friends or even strangers the good news of the coming kingdom of God without fear? Starting out telling people that Jesus loves you and wants to have a relationship with you and you must be saved in order to receive eternity with him is a fact and will usually put people on the defense. We want to be on the offense, but not offensive. First I can tell you as believers we are commanded to and must be prepared in and out of season with our witness testimony. Once a seed has been planted, God will do the rest. We must be willing to get a little dirty and get out of our comfort zone and dig some dirt. (sow some seed).

Well I have some good news! I have devised a short story that can not only be a great way to witness to anyone anytime, but will also keep you at a high degree of comfort that will continue to boost your confidence in your witness to come. We love Jesus and we want to tell people about him. That he is not religious, but relational. Unbelievers confuse this part. Religion has turned away the seeing heart. Jesus despised religion and called it out. So the next time someone says they don't need religion, you can tell them that they are right!

Here's what you say:
People love a good analogy. Jesus spoke in parables, so let's give people that very same teaching in the form of an analogy. So let's give them a current one. I like to tell people a story about purchasing something at the store. For me I use the big screen TV analogy. I start out by asking the question: If you went to the store and bought a brand new big screen TV and the cashier asked "do you want to purchase the warranty for this item"? Finding out it's a bit too much the customer replies " I think I'll pass, it's a bit too much." Then the store manager comes over and says, " today we're having a special and the warranty is free of charge." Well who wouldn't take it. Since the warranty was paid for already, the customer loved it and took it. Then I go on to say that God works the same way. He gave his paid warranty through the sacrifice of his son Jesus. This sacrifice is the warranty of a lifetime that is not only free, but guaranteed for ever! If we don't take the warranty, then like the TV we will be on our own if something happens. I go on to say that being inside a circle of a warranty is so much safer than outside of it. Outside the circle is like playing a hand at poker. A risk that is not guaranteed a winning hand. Is it worth the risk I would add? Telling them getting the warranty is easy and not religious. To be in the circle of the guarantee, all they have to do is tell God that they want it! Simple right? At least it gives the listener something to think about. You get to witness without being offensive and God can do what he does. Enjoy the journey! Please leave a comment on what you think.