Monday, January 30, 2012


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Artist:  Paul Montgomery
Single:  “This Time I Will”
Review by:  Justin Kreitzer

Rising contemporary Christian recording artist Paul Montgomery has just self released his debut single “This Time I Will”.  As a worship leader at his church, Montgomery uses his deft musicianship and songwriting ability to glorify God and to spread the message of the Gospel.  But that wasn’t always the case.  Years ago, before Paul was saved he moved from northern New York to Los Angeles seeking stardom in the rock scene and he gained great success but even with that, he was still lacking something internally.  And so with renewed purpose and a new lease on life, he has written the infectious yet reverent single, “This Time I Will”, as an inspiring and engaging song to remind you to center yourself once again on Christ if you have lost your focus on the cross.           
Sounding like a musical cousin to Matchbox 20, the uplifting single features a bouncy rhythm created by a crunchy, staccato guitar riff and is highlighted by a melodic classic rock inspired guitar solo.  Paul’s voice is smooth and confident yet with a slight curl of the lip for a rock-and- roll edge, and is boosted by beautiful background vocals that echo a response on the catchy, sing along chorus.  His unique style, shaped by those experiences in the L.A. rock clubs gives him a sharper edge to his sound than what has become the lighter standard for Christian radio fare.       
Paul Montgomery’s debut single “This Time I Will” would fit right in on the playlist of any contemporary Christian radio station and has the versatility to be played as praise and worship during church service.  And more importantly, he is able to share his faith and serve his mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his music.  Job well done!  
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Review by: Justin Kreitzer
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Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)