Thursday, January 5, 2012

Freedom in music

I first need to acknowledge the new year and hope to find many blessings bestowed to all in it.
May your dreams, goals and daily walk with God be closer and fulfilling in 2012.
It is fact that in many aspects of life and in our social and political circles, we have lost many
freedoms, events and even Godly things due to a lack of stepping up to what we believe is right
and true. We allow a few to dictate to all the rest of us what is acceptable in our society. And taking God out of the equation certainly will not help our needs. Although with tags of explicit lyrics (and rightfully so), music still remains one of our greatest forms of expression. The freedom in music allows the artist to openly express and convey just about anything that he/she is feeling and allows the listener to openly receive it. Music can be taken to the streets, the halls and the arena's with a collection of believers and responders to act, sing, or even misuse the freedom of music. What a powerful tool to still have in our grasp. In my opinion, democracy and freedom of music means that every musician has the right to offer his/her music and every audience has the right to listen . And no one has the right to ban anyone from the rights thereof.
I'll go even further into the freedom of music. The internet. The internet now offers a great deal of wealth to the listener and the artist in terms of how much money is spent. In past times, big companies and media ruled the airwaves and ground-ways to get music to the listener. Now music can be offered and received without the assistance of  big companies by way of the Mp3. I should know. As a musician these very tools from the internet are here for the promoting of my music as well at Music is more in the hands of the artist and listener. Right where it should be. Now of course it's the large companies that can push music to an entirely different level, but we the people have a good hand in it now thanks to the power of the internet and music. Even poorer countries can now enjoy the power and freedom of music more that ever!
I believe the internet is empowering musicians, audiences, democracy and freedom of music. Now the time is here for all musicians to offer their music on the internet and finally the people decide what will or will not be listened to. Now that's freedom!