Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have a personal interest in this subject matter and feel the need to express it and explore it. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is a serious matter. I have not returned from war, but I have deep love for someone who has. There is help from the VA and other programs as well.

 I saw a young man go off to war with one face and witnessed another opon return. I can understand the trauma one must experience war without having to live it. The things described from this individual has certainly added to my understanding. How he was treated upon release is unacceptable and unjust. I really cannot go into the details for his protection. Just that a war and all it's components can make a mess of an individual. Then they have to come home and find a job. And we all know the job market today. Another piece of understanding is that he did enlist on his own and could know the consequences of a life chosen right? wrong! Before enlistment you can't possibly know the reality of what is said to you face to face by any recruiter or instructor. You are told of war, but you just can't know until you're there. The desire to defend this great nation far outweighs what is described beforehand. A young person might not get what is described until it's in front of you. And i believe it is noble, brave and commended to serve and protect this great nation of ours. I did for four years, but in peace time.

If you know anyone returning from war, understand the issues. There is help. Pray for our servicemen and women serving now. And pray for the ones that have returned. There is so much to talk about but i wanted to keep this somewhat short. I just see it and have the need to talk about it. I know that God is able. There is no problem too great. The Lord must be included. These veterans have laid their life bare and we should do anything to return life to them. Even putting their name at the top of the job pile! Thank you to all those serving or have served in the United states of America!